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Training people is not loading them with important information. Accumulating information in itself has got no meaning. The capacity to correlate those in the real work life is most important. Lifenergy International welcomes you to, Reiki, Your answer to Stress, Strain & Illness.Let the Universal energy of Creator flow through you To make you happier, .... Lifenergy welcomes you to learn how mathematical calculations may be made easier, faster and interesting. In to-day’s world, the calculations, the response in decision making, assimilation of

About Lifenergy International

Lifenergy International is an organisation committed to the development of human kind physically, mentally and spiritually. It aims to create awareness amongst human beings as to the immense potential the human beings have got within their self, bestowed by the creator. It dreams to create a society where people become more positive, healthy, happy, meaningful and efficient in their life. It has developed various programs on skills for managing self and managing people, which includes Managing stress through self awareness and meditation, Positive thinking, Effective Communication, Team Building, Time Management, Vedic Mathematics, Reiki energy healing system etc...

About the Speaker

The founder of the organization, Swadesh Chakrabarty, is a trainer, motivator and spiritual speaker. He has experience in Management training, motivational training, spiritual training, Banking and computers. He has twenty five years of experience as a banker and twenty years of experience as a trainer in various Management Institutes and Corporates….